Formula One Betting Explained

Winning at F1 Betting Without Capping

If you’re someone who’s not too good at pricing the overall Formula One winners into odds, however, have the unique ability of making those minor adjustments, head-to-head betting is an option you must definitely explore.

You can use plenty of online resources to find out about the past Formula One race results and effectively compare various drivers. What’s even better is that the head-to-head bets have lower juice too.
Furthermore, it becomes comparatively easier to overcome the bookmaker’s advantage when you employ different Formula One betting websites while shopping for the odds.

Here are some useful ways in which you can be successful at Formula One betting, without the need of capping winners:

Using various Formula One betting forums
It requires plenty of time and effort to learn how to successfully handicap Formula One races or any other sport for that matter. It’s pretty obvious that anyone who is arrived at just the right formula for pricing formula 1, isn’t going to share it with others so easily. This is also because such formulae only hold value when they’re used by the people who understand them well and can make adjustments to them, to make them deliver.
Nevertheless, you can always pick up certain clues or bits and pieces from here and there, by hanging out or actively searching through the archives of various sports betting or Formula One betting forums. Punters who are good at handicapping are normally relentless when it comes to researching and unearthing such information. So, get on board some reputable Formula One forums and learn all those Google tricks to search deep into their archives. You’ll soon start picking up useful info, a little every time, which may add up over a period of time, to provide you with a considerable amount of value.

Shop well for the odds
You must use various Formula One betting websites and shop well for the odds before finally placing your wagers. Doing so can help you significantly in doing away with the bookmaker’s advantage.

Bets you must avoid
Formula One proposition bets, future bets, top six and podium finishers are all markets where there’s a bigger bookmaker advantage. Furthermore, the odds are also pretty steep in all of these bets. Although you can find value in these markets (in some rare situations), most of the times you’d end up on the losing side as they’re pretty difficult to beat.

Effectively use the promos
Many online Formula One betting websites offer promotions like free of cost reloads, free live bets and several other unique offers for both rookie and seasoned punters. Even if you don’t bet with these portals, you can always open an account with them and make use of such offers. Moreover, it never hurts to do test runs with such offers, just to find out how far you’ve come.

Effectively use the bonuses
A good number of online bookmakers like Bet365 provide their new signups with first time deposit bonuses. Your odds of predicting and winning from Formula One race winners can get much better once you factor in such bonuses. It’s because these odds actually get doubled effectively.