Formula One Betting Explained

About Race Weekend Bets

Majority of betting that happens on the Formula One race weekend is to do with predicting the race winner. It’s the norm in most sports that a betting market gets formed and then there are some minor adjustments later leading up to the concerned event. However, it happens far more dramatically in Formula One races! The race winner market on the morning of the race day may look entirely different from how it appeared a week ahead of the race.

The three practice sessions normally have a huge impact on the race winner market, with the drivers either over or under performing during these runs. In case a driver crashes out, his odds may get adjusted accordingly for the race. In addition, the teams may or may not put their full potential on display during the free practice sessions, so it’s entirely up to the punter to draw the right conclusions from these runs.

The biggest impact on the race winner market is caused by the results of the qualifying session. The driver starting from the top of the grid holds a massive edge and his odds are shortened accordingly. On the other hand, a reputed driver who has had a bad qualifying session may witness his odds getting adjusted accordingly.

You need to be extremely careful while placing bets after the end of a Formula One qualifying session as the drivers may get hit by penalties, impacting their grid positions. Although such changes are announced instantly, in certain cases they may be held back for a few hours. Hence, it’d be better if you stay away from any wagering activity immediately after the qualifying session. Ideally, wait for an hour or two before placing any bets. The market usually gets stabilized after the passage of a few hours.

It’s entirely up to you to decide the time you want to place your bets – sometime after a qualifying session or a week ahead of the race.

Alternatively, if you choose to wait until the morning of the race day, you must pay heed to several other important factors like which teams had put plenty of focus on their qualifying, fuel levels, choice of tyres, pit stop strategy and the most important of all – the weather condition on that day! Even a slight amount of rain during the race can completely throw predictions off track. Hence, all punters betting on Formula One races must keep a close watch on the weather forecast/conditions before and during the race.

You’re allowed to place your bets live during the race, up until the time the waiving of the chequered flag. Just as is applicable to the season long markets, you can place bets on the constructor that’ll come out on top in a particular race, and also on the driver head-to-heads.

If you’re not too keen on betting on only the race winner, you could adopt a safer strategy and bet on the podium finish instead. Quite obviously, that would have comparatively much lower odds. On the other hand, your returns can be pretty rewarding if you back some unfancied driver to get a podium finish, and he comes out among the top three indeed!