Formula One Betting Explained

Popular F1 Betting Markets

There are several different markets you can wager on in Formula One betting, and the biggest and most prominent of them is the simple outright betting. This type of betting involves predicting the outcome of an entire Formula One season, and not just any individual race.
When it comes to other sports, such betting is normally organised by a bookmaker well ahead of the start of the season. However, considering the nature and style of the Formula One sport, you can place outright bets all through the race season.

Let’s now delve into some more popular Formula One betting markets:

Race winner
This betting market is essentially about predicting the race winner and may have many other betting markets associated with it. The most popular ones are race winner, podium placement, safety car, fastest lap and pole position. For the uninformed, the race winner is decided based on the driver that finishes a Formula One race by successfully driving a certain number of laps and completing them ahead of the other drivers on the circuit.

Drivers’ championship
In this market, you can bet on the driver who’ll win the Drivers’ Championship title of a particular Formula One racing season. This title is awarded to the person who gathers the most number of points by scoring race finishes throughout the racing year. Your bet becomes a winning one if you wager on the right driver.

Pole position
The result of bets placed on this market become available on Saturday, a day before the race day. Pole position is decided by an hour-long qualifying event. The drivers are expected to post their best lap times in three qualifying sessions. The first session (Q1) involves all 24 drivers of which the top 17 progress to the second session (Q2). Thereafter, seven more are eliminated in the Q2 and the final top 10 grid positions are decided in the third qualifying session (Q3). The driver posting the best lap time in Q3 starts from the pole position on the race day.

Driver vs. Driver
Some bookies provide bettors with the opportunity to bet on rivalries existing between two teammates in a Formula One team. The punters are provided two options – to bet on Driver X or Driver Y. The outcome is determined based on the driver that finishes ahead of his counterpart at the end of a particular Formula One season. You can place such bets on all the 12 teams involved.

Podium finish
The bookmakers also provide punters the chance of betting on the driver/s who’ll finish a particular Formula One race with a podium position. The wager becomes a successful one if the wagered driver indeed finishes among the top three.

Safety car appearance
Another highly popular betting market in Formula One racing is to do with the appearance of a safety card during a particular Grand Prix race. The punter needs to choose from ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to place his/her bet.

Constructors’ championship
You’re also allowed to wager on the Constructors’ Championship by predicting the team that will score the maximum number of points cumulatively, with its two drivers, throughout a particular Formula One season. Correctly predicting such team makes your wager the winning one.