About the Creators of Ellroy.com

James Ellroy is one of the most influential and talented authors within the genre of American crime fiction. As lovers of good literature and crime fiction, we decided to create this website honoring James Ellroy to inform others about his life and work. Ellroy’s cultural influence is undeniable, and his life story is particularly relevant given the pervasive problem of prescription drug abuse in modern society. This is not the official website of James Ellroy, and we are not affiliated with him in any way.

Part of the reason we created this non-official webpage is Ellroy’s cultural influence on American film and literature. His distinct “telegraphic” writing style and deep plotlines set the standard for excellence in crime fiction, demonstrating that good writing does not need to be perfectly grammatically correct. His deep and engaging plotlines have enticed a number of producers to adapt his novels to the silver screen, Additionally, Ellroy’s depictions of American authoritarianism make important social commentary on issues of police work, crime, and punishment in the US, and he even tackles major issues such as the death penalty in his essays and short stories.

James Ellroy’s personal story is also important in light of the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the US.Currently, the US faces a national emergency in regards to opiate and opioid addiction, and overdoses from prescription drug abuse have rapidly become a leading cause of death among young people in the US. Ellroy’s story of overcoming addiction to become a successful author is thus particularly poignant in this day and age because of its potential to relate to the millions of people battling addiction to opiates and other prescription drugs. People struggling with addiction can look to him and see that recovery is possible and that they, too, can become successful in spite of their addictions. Though Ellroy was addicted to Benzedrex, not opiates, his story can bring hope to the millions of Americans struggling with addiction as well as their families and loved ones.

Again, please note again that this is not the official website of James Ellroy, but we are a fan site dedicated to him. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about James Ellroy’s life and published works!